For ANS, running a successful PCB manufacturing business takes strategic vision and savvy marketing, and we see a well-defined management structure as key to success. Taking the geographical advantages of Hong Kong, our headquarter keeps close pace with the market trends on the one hand, and maintains effective communications with customers around the world on the other. And, thanks to the diligent workforce of our factory in Mainland China, our production is efficient, and our prompt delivery.


Our professionalism and quality of work have leaded us to build harmonious and long-lasting relationships with our customers, most of which are Europeans and Americans. In other words, our knowledge and skill in exporting and handling international orders are not to be doubted, not to speak of our proficiency in communications.


We provide a variety of PCB, includes 2-30 layers, Aluminum core PCB and Flexible-Rigid, which are highlighted of Aspect Ratio 10:1. For the Heavy copper up to 13 oz for multi-layers, making use of 6 oz copper for inner layers.


Our market is keep extending while we are now covering Telecommunications, Automotive and Power Suppliers. Quality always matters.


Quality is what drives us ahead of the industry, thanks to our low PPM with comprehensive quality control. At ANS, we emphasize not only the production of PCBs, but also the satisfaction of every customer. In addition, we take pride in PCB testing; we have strict standards set for every output of ANS, including AOI scan for inner layers, and e testing for both inner and outer layers. Our in-house advanced machineries, meanwhile, is one of our elements to success.


We have strategically invested a great deal on R&D, so as to enhance our production efficiency and product features on a regular basis.


Last but not least, we guarantee to answer any enquiries over the world within 48 hours with multi-language support.