With a devotion to technological innovation and providing highly satisfactory and speedy services to customers, ANS Industrial Company Limited ventured in the sector in 1999, specializing in high-precision doubled-sided and multi-layer PCBs, as well as flexi-rigid and Aluminum boards, for hi-tech enterprises around the world.


We hold that excellent after-sales services and comprehensive technical support are no less important than the quality of the product itself. Together with our strengths in R&D, we are capable of turning out PCBs that meet your specific requirements promptly at competitive prices.


ANS manufactures and distributes high quality products to global customers as one of its key strategic missions. Total customer satisfaction is one of our key priorities as we strive to provide continually improving comprehensive printed circuit board services and solutions. ANS is committed to ensure that your company can improve quality, productivity and operational efficiency while lowering overall material costs.


ANS mission is to pursue product and service excellence through continuous improvement in a quest for Total Customer Satisfaction.